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Nurture your connection to higher self and the more magical side of life. This bundle has been put together to offer support for those developing their more intuitive side or for those wanting to create ritual and deepen their intuitive practice and connection. 

- large and mini bundles available -
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this bundle is valued at over $160 and includes
10ml Intuition roller
10ml Inner Magick roller
50ml Spiritual Cleanse Spray
250g I AM INTUITIVE bath salts
Loco Love chocolate
Medium Botanical Cleanse stick
Flower of Life crystal grid kit

this bundle is valued at over $55 and includes 
10ml Intuition roller
100g I AM INTUITIVE bath salts
Loco Love chocolate
Flower of Life crystal grid kit
Intuition roller: This blend has been crafted to support those wanting to explore and expand their intuitive connection. For those that are just embarking down the pathway to connection with a more spiritual side they will find that the oil may bring them comfort as well as enhancing their connection to their higher selves. The blend aims to catalyse the connection to ones intuition in turn making it easier to connect and holding much stronger connection. From this perspective the blend can be just as beneficial to someone that already feels that they have a strong sense of their intuitive gifts already.

The essential oils and crystal nectars were carefully chosen to ensure that the connection with ones higher knowing was enhanced, but that this came with a stable and solid foundation or trust and support. It aims to connect with ones sacral chakra where we truly “feel” our intuition as well as the higher third eye chakra where we are able to interpret what it is that we have first received. Intuition comes in many different forms and is an intimate experience for each and every person, but the hope is that the oil will bring you closer to your authentic self and inner knowing that you are seeking. 

Inner Magick roller: The specific blend of essential oils and gem nectars that are used to craft this personal oil have been used throughout history to invoke magick, connection to self and spirit, the abilities of clairvoyance, and a stronger understanding and ability to explore the astral plane. The oil has been crafted to assist one with connecting to their higher self and the true source of all information and energy therefore in turn extending their capabilities with exploring and healing themselves. It is designed to foster a deep sense of the oneness that is our true being by allowing us to connect to the higher planes safely and with ease.

The more personal tools and previous experience that one has with this type of connection the more one will experience immediate gain from working with this oil. However it may be those that are only just starting to explore and learn about this connection with their higher self, extra senses and abilities, intuition and the astral plane that will gain the most out of working with the oil as it may not only help to enhance their experiences, but aims to keep them focused and clear while on this journey, something that isn’t always easy when first exploring these elements of ourselves and our world. These elements, used since ancient times, have been chosen to keep the user safe and supported during their learning, as well as helping the most experienced users stay grounded while enhancing their experiences and connection. 

Spiritual Cleanse Spray: 

When doing a lot of deep emotional or spiritual work it is important to create a very intentional ritual and understanding for how important it is to keep your space, your mind and your body a clear vessel. The energies that you may be working with, attracting in or shifting out are often heavy, complex and a low vibration that isn't as easily shifted as a general energy clearing provides.

 The blend draws on sacred clearing properties of white sage. We use this minimally in our practice, understanding that it is a sacred plant and we hold this medicine with deep reverence and allow that honouring to pass over to whatever we are clearing so that it can be shifted from ourselves and our space to a more appropriate place. Blue Tansy connects us with an understanding that not all we perceive can be seen and allows us to trust our intuition and work with our extra senses while remaining a clear vessel. Blue tansy also offers a field of protection from parasitic energies. Ravensara acts as an emotional disinfectant and clears out all patterns, attachments, energies and entities that are not serving you, within your physical, emotional and energetic bodies.This spray can be used daily in ritual to solidify your intention and clearing practice, it can be used before, during and after energy healing or spiritual work. Ingredients: Energised mineral water with essential oil dispersant (almond + coconut oil) with 100% essential oils of blue tansy, white sage, ravensara, pink pepper; crystal nectars of aegirine, Tibetan black quartz, black tourmaline, Azeztulite. All infused in earth medicine ritual over the full lunar cycles of dark, new and full moon and attuned with a Om - 136.10hz tuning fork and Protection and Neutrality information chip