Dream Magick Bundle
Dream Magick Bundle
Dream Magick Bundle

Dream Magick Bundle

Have you ever had an experience where you wake from a dream that has just hit you hard to the core and you can’t seem to shake it? Even if you can’t actually remember the details of the dream? Or maybe you are a lucid dreamer? Or possibly, you are someone that feels they are able to process and make sense of their inner thoughts and feelings by letting them play out in their dreams and then reflecting or journalling about them.
Whatever your belief is around what your dreams mean, how they relate to the waking world and what we are able to gain from the insights they give us there is no denying that they hold a transformative power. Everything in this pack has been carefully chosen to encourage you to explore the dream sphere and the insights and magic it can offer to you. 

This pack includes
Dream Magick roller blend
Magic Of I - Ether Dream Pocket Journal
Blue Lotus Tea
The Dream Magick blend has been crafted to help you harness the gift of our dreams and the associated insights. Whether you are choosing to work on yourself and your inner healing within your dreams, or you are hoping to invoke lucid or psychic experiences, this blend will help create a space that is safe to explore those realms while heightening the connection with the magic you’re looking to embrace.
The Magic Of I Ether Dream journal is a pocket sized journal that is packed with magic to encourage you to record and reflect on what comes up for you in your hours of slumber, to bring the clarity into the light of day.
Amethyst can be used to open up and connect in with our third eye and the associated intuition. It deeply nourishes our healing and connects in to a deeper level of spirituality. It is often argued that while calming, it shouldn't be placed near the bed as it amplifies and may not result in restful sleep. However, for those seeking to enhance their intuition and the healing and insights they can receive in their sleep, it is the perfect support.