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Nourish - skin drink

Nourish - skin drink


As someone that has sensitive skin, I am very mindful of what I expose my skin to. This has been overwhelming at times to decide on what the best options are and how to avoid ending up with a 12 step skin care regime that just isn’t appealing or sustainable for someone like me on the daily.

However, I do understand the importance of taking care of my skin from both the inside and the outside. And so I have made every effort over the years to keep my skin care simple, clean and effective while bringing in some extra magic and tools so that it creates an invitation for me to connect with myself, nurture myself and be present in the moment without having to take an hour each morning and night. The outcome was the Nourish Skin Drink. 

This blend was crafted to nourish the skin and create balance without requiring the use of 5 different creams with a list of ingredients that even my science living brain couldn’t pronounce. Bringing moisture and protection, while healing and soothing the skin without exposing the body to harmful chemicals.

We absorb chemicals through our skin directly into our blood stream. We are already exposed to so many things we can’t always avoid and so it is important to limit harmful and toxic exposure in the areas we can. Skin care is one of these areas and that’s why we keep our skin drink simple. 

We chose to use the highly restorative and nourishing calendula oil as our base as it has been used for many centuries across all sorts of traditional therapies from Ayurveda to Traditional Chinese Medicine and is now Commonly found in mainstream salves and creams for soothing and nurturing the skin.

Calendula holds remarkable anti-inflammatory properties with ample antioxidants and provides a soothing and cooling experience for the skin leaving it feeling rejuvenated. The high concentration of antioxidants resists free radical damage which is related to premature ageing of the skin, early wrinkle formation and loss of skin elasticity which has made calendula very popular in many facial products. Calendula can also help regulate the oil production of the sebaceous glands, ultimately preventing breakouts and help in the healing and repair of any current breakouts, wounds or dry skin. 

The essential oil blends has been chosen to support the physical balance of the skin as well as create a sense of emotional and energetic harmony and mindfulness. 

Ingredients: 100% Calendula oil, 100% essential oils frankincense, geranium, petitgrain, niaouli, tee tree and palma rosa; infused with crystal nectars of rose quartz, bloodstone, jade, clear quartz, and infused with an Optimal Skin Function information microchip.