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Information Microchips

Catalyst Holistic Wellness imports information microchips from Germany. These information microchips work like any other vibrational tool, and are based around the concept of vibrational healing, that anything that interacts with the body is just information helping the body to react with the desired response and the microchips provide the body with a frequency that activates the desired response. Ultimately, everything is just vibration. Catalyst Holistic Wellness has also crafted a range of personal products including vibrational oils, sprays and essences to help support your mind, body and spirit to allow you to move forward in life and embrace your authentic self. 

While we have a small amount of information chips in stock at all times, most orders will require shipment from Germany. While this process is sometimes complete in a matter of days, please allow 2-3 weeks processing in case of any import/export delays.