Information Microchips

These information microchips work like any other vibrational tool, and are based around the concept of vibrational healing, that anything that interacts with the body is just information helping the body to react with the desired response and the microchips provide the body with a frequency that activates the desired response. Ultimately, everything is just vibration. This is the same as working with homeopathics, crystals, etc.
Aurelia Alchemy has also crafted a range of personal products including vibrational oils, sprays and essences that utilise the information chips frequencies to help support your mind, body and spirit to allow you to move forward in life and embrace your authentic self. We are so often asked why our products are so dramatically different to many others on the market. This is partly due to our complete lack of compromise when it comes to quality ingredients as well as the rituals each and every products goes through, but we also feel it is in large part due to the incorporation of the Information Microchips in the process as well as the use of tuning forks to enhance this. 

The information chips consist of a small rounded square of 2cm x 2cm which acts as an information carrier, storing and transmitting biologically effective signals. This positive, biocatalytic effect does not come from the actual material, but from the frequencies imprinted upon it. 
In production, the relevant frequencies that have been found to promote the desired effect for whatever the specific chips purpose is destined to be are transferred to the carrier material in a way that is similar to how sound is imprinted on a CD. The production process involves many steps to ensure that the frequencies interact in a synergistic way for the most desirable outcome, while creating a stable carrier that can withstand the elements. The first of their kind were created 13 years ago and are proven to still be fully effective. 
Every cell, organ, and even every organism has its own specific, unmistakable natural frequency spectrum. The oscillation of a substance can only trigger an effect if it causes another substance to resonate with it. We are exposed and hold inside us a multitude of frequencies, but only those that resonate can call on a reaction. The information chips are programmed with relevant theme related frequencies and formulas. The ordered vibrations should thus create positive change to the disordered vibrations of illness, dis-ease and unbalance. 
For those who have worked with tuning forks, it is a similar concept to how the tuning fork can "reset" the frequencies in the body, or how when you strike one tuning fork, the transmitter, a second tuning fork can sound as well, the resonator. 
There are over 1,500 therapists working with the information chips world wide using them for fast diagnostics and to support therapy as well as for direct support for their clients and patients. The effectiveness of the information chips has been measured by devices used within Western Medicine. Tests have been conducted at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany using EEG machines with 128 output channels as well as measuring the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) in parallel. Both methods demonstrated the efficiency and impact of the individual information chips on the different body systems. 
The information chips are also used by many utilising tools such as kinesiology muscle monitoring and bioresonance machines which have also confirmed the effectiveness, functionality and durability of the information chips. Hannah is the eternal skeptic, energetic witchy self aside, her scientific side requires an understanding and level of effectiveness to be experienced and demonstrated and the research that has been done, combined with her own personal experience leaves her continually blown away at how supportive these tools are in both clinic and personal use. 
They can be used in clinic like any other tool, and used personally by placing them in your pocket, in a carrier, or as Hannah does, in her bra often along with a variety of other healing tools. 
There are mnay chips that we are still in the process of adding to the website as well as chips and devices to help with EMF exposure. If there is something you would like specific support with and can't see it on the website, reach out as there is a good chance there is something for it, we just haven't got to it in the long list yet. 
While we have a small amount of information chips in stock at all times, most orders will require shipment from Germany. While this process is sometimes complete in a matter of days, please allow 2-3 weeks processing in case of any import/export delays.