Self Care Bundle
Self Care Bundle
Self Care Bundle

Self Care Bundle

Self-care is how you take back your power.
This quote from Lalah Delia is simple, but powerful. We move into a place of self connection, self reclamation when we connect in with ourselves, our needs, our boundaries and allow ourselves to create a life that nurtures and offers all of that for us. You deserve it.

This bundle includes:
5ml Chakra Blend
Magic Of I pocket journal in coral

Grounded Tea (Please note- original inner connection is pictured)
100g Bath Salts
Delicious chocolate treat
Palo Santo
Intuitively chosen crystal
access to our Self-Care Reflection

Work with the Self-Care Reflection to create some space for yourself and to map out some strategies that you can put in place or have on hand for when you are overwhelmed. Get to know yourself and your needs so that when there are moments where you might feel disconnected or cannot think, you have it to turn to.
Utilise the Magic Of I pocket journal to bring yourself back into connection with yourself and your inner thoughts. Record your answers to the Self-Care reflections in here so you can refer back and see how they shift as you nurture yourself more. The journal is imbued with magic and intention to celebrate the gift of being alive. 
The Inner Connection Tea welcomes in feelings of calmness, clarity and an overall sense of heart-opening with every cup. A hand-blended collection of locally grown (where possible) and certified organic ingredients, offers your well-being and your inner warrior the delights of a well blended & delicious tea celebrating the sacredness of who you really are and the freedom to align with your Inner Connection.
Bath salts are an enjoyable way to nurture the physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies while embracing the down time that our body’s and nervous systems so desperately need. Our skin is extremely absorbent and utilising this to deeply nurture the body is a fantastic support. However, the skins absorbency also means it is important to only expose it to good quality and safe ingredients. Did you know it only takes 26 seconds for the chemicals in what you apply to your skin to absorb into your blood stream?! This is why we use all natural ingredients and food grade where relevant, so that you know what you are putting on your skin is safe for all your systems.
Call on the Palo Santo to create sacred smoke that can clear you or your space of negative energies and allow space for positive energy to flow in. Allow the crystals to support you as you connect to self and find your centre.