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Essences are a vibrational remedy. There are a large variety on the market, but most incorporate flowers, plants and trees, gems, shells and environmental areas of significance. Each essence holds a unique energetic imprint and frequency that offers balance to our systems. Essences work at an energetic level to target the underlying thoughts, feelings and attitudes that are impacting us, assisting with the release of unwanted patterns of thinking and behaviour and acting as gate keepers to these negative patterns and feelings so that they no longer impact us the way they may have in the past. In session, other than her own range of essences, Hannah has a strong relationship with the Alaskan Essences and Desert Alchemy Essences as well as some smaller boutique brands. Hannah has also trained in and works with Australian Bush Flower Essences, Bach Flower Essences, Liquid Crystal Essences and Findhorn Essences. These may be taken orally, applied externally to the skin, or used in conjunction with sound or light. Essences are often a very nurturing and effective home support product.