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Family constellations

Everything in our world exists within systems. Our solar system, ecosystems, the systems within our government, businesses and communities and of course our family systems. Family constellations is an experiential healing process that reaches into the underlying entanglements that are impacting you and your life in a negative expression that have come from your family of origin. While we may feel our families have gifted us many wonderful lessons, traits and resources, we may also be vulnerable, or even encouraged, to carry burdens, emotions, beliefs and traumas that can then inhibit ones potential to be our authentic selves and have the most success in our relationships, personal endeavours and evolution. In session you are not only able to see and feel the dynamic that you and your family are caught up in, but also find better solutions with the ability to free yourself in a way that no other process can. This shift happens at a soul level and much like any soul work it is impossible for change to not occur after doing this work. An experience that is different for everyone and complex to explain to those that haven’t experienced it, it can be completed one on one or Hannah also holds workshop sessions. In a workshop you sit in circle with others that have come to also participate in their own constellations or others that have come to act as representatives for support. Each individual addresses their own issue through a constellation. This is done by choosing group members to act as representatives for the people involved in your situation. These are placed spatially from each other. When this takes place, a field of energy is formed and the representatives start to gain insights within the space that allow release and movement, always under guidance of the facilitator. These sessions are not held in conjunction with Kinesiology sessions, however kinesiology can be a wonderful supportive modality to ensure further shifting of negative beliefs, patterns or behaviours that have been developed, or to work on moving through the thoughts, feelings and attitudes that may be blocking healing and moving forward within the relationships addressed in the constellation. 

Contact us to book in for a one on one constellation or arrange a workshop or refer to our workshops and events page for the next group workshop.