The vibrational energies infused in this essence are aligned with deep transformation at a cellular level and have been chosen to support you at a DNA level as you make new choices, take steps to integrate DNA upgrades or explore your ancestral pathways for deep soul healing.

Aurelia means Golden and as we work with this energy we hope to regenerate our body, mind, heart and soul.

This essence is infused with high vibrational plants, flowers and gems to bring about healing across all systems, physical, mental, emotional and energetic, while holding you in a safe space. The vibrations empower you to make decisions in life that will allow for deep healing, while moving away from toxic patterns, situations and environments and protecting yourself at a cellular and energetic level.

You are powerful. You are sovereign.

Infused with 24k gold and high quality colloidal gold, this essence further connects us to our core, authentic self. Gold connects into the frequency of who we truly are, what our innate soul path and purpose is. When we embrace this high frequency energy we transform through the heaviness we carry in our heart, through the thicket that surrounds us in an illusion of defence, but may very well be holding us back. Allow the gold to set you free and call in that cellular healing and shift.

Gold is known as an overall healing energy, it helps us to expand our nervous system and increase our awareness, allowing us to overcome low vibrational feelings and patterns that are connected to our traumas and dis-ease in our beings. Gold banishes feelings of insecurity, inadequacy and frustration that we may have in order for us to connect in with our innate wisdom and the courage it takes to release the past and move forward on our path of joy.

Lastly, a dash of wild rose infused brandy, hand crafted for us by Snezana of Botanical Goddess. Brings forth healing frequencies to help you connect into your heart space while also calling on the sacred energy of community and support. Allow this essence to hold you, to be a safe place to land, while you soften and transform. You are not alone.

As you take this essence, visualise yourself inside a golden egg, allowing that which is good for you to filter in with ease, but protecting you on all levels from that which isn't for your highest good. You are safe in this space, you are regenerating at all levels and in all systems.

Crafted over 12 months, so close to our hearts and truly an extension of ourselves, while it isn't the first product for us to release, this is absolutely our flagship product and embodies everything that Aurelia Alchemy hopes to offer.  
Not many people know the full story behind the name Aurelia Alchemy and the significance it holds for me. 

Alchemy might be obvious for some, or at least bring forth a particular impression or feeling with it, tied up in transformation and magic. Alchemy is defined as a medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold and the discovery of a universal cure for disease. 

But Aurelia? Nope, it’s not my name. Nope it’s not one of my kids names, although it would have been had any of my boys been a girl. It started as a name I fell in love with many moons ago when living in Europe and exploring languages.
But to understand the significance we go to before I lived in Europe, when I lived in Canada. While moving through some of the most difficult days I was gifted a pass to the local aquarium. I would spend hours there, in the dark; connecting with these jellyfish and their medicine. They taught me how to stay sensitive, while practicing discernment. They taught me how to regenerate, how to heal myself. How to trust my inner light, my ability to glow and to bring forth a golden light from within and around. I spent hours there. Meditating. Processing. Healing. Getting stronger. It is still to this day some of the most potent therapy I have done, and I have done a lot. 

This was also where I met my first kinesiologist and learned a whole new way of approaching health that then became my purpose and work. This was where my heart started to heal. Where I found my inner power and inner strength and decided I needed to live my life for myself. They taught me a new way of being that was inside me all along. I was able to give myself permission to detach from ancestral patterns, detach from the programs I had taken on and to heal at a cellular level. To regenerate and return to my true essence. 

Fast forward 7 years and I was pregnant with my second baby and a special woman gifted me a baby carrier with these beautiful jellyfish all over, knowing it’s significance for me. At the time I didn’t know if I had a boy or girl growing inside me and I found myself looking up the name Aurelia. What I was met with were beautiful pictures of my jellyfish. The jellyfish that had (and I know it sounds dramatic, but I’m serious) saved me. Their medicine healed me and here they were, Aurelia aurita. Moon Jelly’s.

What a beautiful synchronicity. And yet, in that moment I knew I had a boy called Milo in my womb and so I closed the window and put it out of my mind.
When I started Aurelia Alchemy I said to one of my closest friends, “I just want everyone to know they are worth their weight in gold. That they ARE golden”. I went with a safe name that I didn’t really love, but needed to decide and it worked for my therapist based business and so while it didn’t make my heart sing, it made sense.

Soon it was obvious it wasn’t in alignment with me and I needed to rebrand. Without even thinking about it I had sent the designer the name Aurelia Alchemy. Aurelia means golden I knew it was what I finally needed to birth into the world. With this essence, I finally bring forth a product that I feel encompasses everything that I love, everything I learned from the Aurelia aurita, everything that I want to offer my clients and customers to allow them to support themselves with releasing themselves from the entanglements, from each and every little jellyfish strand, stinging them and not serving them, so that they can illuminate all the magic they hold innately and regenerate on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels.