Protection Bundle
Protection Bundle
Protection Bundle
Protection Bundle
Protection Bundle

Protection Bundle

Connect to a deeper sense of safety, establishing clear and strong boundaries emotionally and energetically. A bundle of supportive tools to create a sense of safety and empower you with ritualistic use ensuring you feel protected and remain free of negative entanglements that do not serve you. 
this pack includes:
Protection 5ml roller
Shield Essence 30ml
Protection Bath Salts
Clear and Smoky Quartz
crystal grid pack

Protection roller: This blend has been crafted using some of the highest vibrational oils available. It draws on practices implemented in many traditional cultures to foster a protective energy around a person ensuring that they cannot be impacted by negative energy. This negative energy may be the result of ill feelings from another person, a negative interaction or experience, negative emotions or thoughts experienced by the user or by being in an environment that holds a negative vibration within the space. Regardless of what type of negative energy the person may be exposed to the oil will ensure that their physical and energetic systems are not penetrated or impacted by this energy and they can remain clear from any detrimental side effects.

Part of ensuring that you are not impacted by negative vibrations is having the self responsibility to monitor the energy and vibration that you are putting into a space. This blend dissolves any need to control or manipulate situations in order for one to feel safe and allows the user to remain centred and present with their own thoughts and feelings. By not projecting this energy or negative vibration outward they are no longer susceptible to being impacted by other negative vibrations that may recognise an energy match and try to attach themselves to ones energetic field. The user can feel safe to process their own experiences, and learn the necessary lessons, trusting that they wont be impacted by those around them or vulnerable to any kind of energetic or psychic attack. By raising the vibration of the users heart space they are inherently producing a protective boundary around them, akin to how some people describe surrounding themselves with white light or calling on angels for protection. The user creates this outcome from within. 

Shield Essence: 
This essence was crafted for those that need extra support with protecting their personal energy. This may be linked to their physical energy levels, their thoughts, their feelings, their immune response or their environment. One may find themselves feeling depleted after sharing space with certain people or having to spend time in certain locations. This may manifest in physical ailments or depletion of vitality. For others is may be repetitive or destructive thought patterns that do not feel like their own or that they can’t seem to shift no matter what methods they try.

The shielding essences forms a protective shield in the sense that with the ability to apply healthy boundaries one can show discernment between what is theirs and what belongs to others energetically and emotionally. By building up the auric field and supporting the person to stay grounded and present, the essence supports one in staying neutral to others energy and experience while being able to come from a caring, but detached, heart space ensuring they do not take on any of the negativity and in turn making them less susceptible to negative attacks and any negative emotions that may be projected onto them.

It also facilitates a boundary in ones auric field to ensure that the impact of environmental factors such as electromagnetic frequencies emitted from wifi devices, phones, fluorescent lighting etc., is not able to penetrate and impact the body physiologically.