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Calming - calm and surrender

Calming - calm and surrender

Once a popular spray blend, now available as a pure essential oil blend, the Calming blend was designed to bring a space or a person a sense of calmness and clarity. It removes negative energy, built up tension and stress and promotes a feeling of unconditional love, trust, support and surrender. This allows those in the space, or the user, to trust in themselves, their situation and judgement and to remain calm and confident regardless of their circumstance.

The blend connects the user with their higher self, their inner knowing and their ability to look within for the answers they hold for themselves, rather than coming from a place of fear and looking externally for answers. When fear or anxiety overwhelm a person or their system it can be difficult for them to surrender to the healing process. They may find themselves physically tense, emotionally wound up or blocked and unable to move forward in a positive manner. They find it hard to trust others and themselves and this may create difficulties with making changes that are more positive for themselves and those in their lives. One may find themselves feeling anxious or fearful for no obvious reason, or may find that no amount of logic can convince them that they need not worry. This blend can help dissolve those kinds of overwhelming negative emotions and thoughts and in turn the negative behaviours that may follow them. By promoting a safe environment and a sense of calm within the user this spray allows one to feel secure enough to trust their ability to move forward and to embrace their inner strength to face all obstacles they are presented with. 

Ingredients: 100% essential oils of lavender, melissa, geranium, vetiver; infused with rose quartz and smoky quartz and vibrational energy of Lady Nada, Lord Buddha, and plant medicine of comfrey and dogwood. All infused in earth medicine ritual over the full lunar cycles of dark, new and full moon and attuned with a Om - 136.10hz tuning fork and a Basic Trust and Keep Cool information microchips.