Can Touch This - Social Distancing Support Kit
Can Touch This - Social Distancing Support Kit
Can Touch This - Social Distancing Support Kit

Can Touch This - Social Distancing Support Kit

We are finding ourselves in uncharted waters and as such many people are taking all and any measures to protect their health and immune systems.
At the request of customers, clients and colleagues, we have put together this support kit to help. Support for your immune system and support for your precious nervous system and your emotional and mental wellbeing.
Use the Immune System oil to boost your physical system and encourage strong boundaries.

Heart Elixir Essence to support you in staying in a heart centred space of love and connection, calming your nervous system and helping you shift your anxieties from a space of isolation and disconnection. 

Can Touch This hand sanitiser to take care of the practicalities of keeping you safe and healthy.

With calming crystal grid support and Nutra organics superfood latte to boost your system in a nurturing and delicious treat. 
this kit is valued at just under $100 and includes

10ml Immune Support roller
30ml Heart Elixir Essence
50ml Can Touch This hand sanitiser
Crystal Grid Kit
Nutra organics Superfood Latte
Our oils are all 100% essential oils in jojoba carrier, infused with crystals, information chips and put through ritual over the full lunar cycle. 

Our Can Touch This hand sanitiser is 75%, 99% alcohol ensuring effectiveness, with some organic aloe vera and vitamin E oil to help your hands from becoming super dry, with 100% essential oils of lavender, tea tree, lemon and thyme, all infused with crystal nectars and the Strong Immune Response, Toxins and Virus information chips. 

Our Heart Elixir Essence, is a vibrational essence combining flower, gem and herb essences and healing vibrations. It comes in a 30ml dropper bottle and you take drops morning and night or as required, under the tongue. It is made with organic brandy. If you need an alcohol free one, please let me know in the note section.