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December 22nd - January 19th
The Father, The Hermit, The Breadwinner
Cardinal/Earth Negative/Feminine
Ruler - Saturn
the high road - Ambitious, patient, logical, disciplined, practical, reserved, dedicated, focused
the low road - controlling, calculating, stubborn, severe, pessimistic, patronising, tyrannical.
When expressed positively Capricorn energy can help us address the areas of our lives where we are lacking confidence and motivation. Are you thinking about starting a new endeavour? Do you need extra motivation to stay focused and on track? Capricorn can remind you that one foot in front of the other will ultimately lead you to your end goal if you stay focused and put in the hard work. For those struggling with discipline, self responsibility, and ambition, Capricorn energy can assist. Equally, for those that are overly focused, critical and controlling and risking alienating themselves from those around them, this blend can help to calm those tendencies and find a more positive expression.
Capricorn is most comfortable living in a world that is very organised, structured and holds a clear and consistent routine. Being ruled by Saturn this should come as no surprise and also contributes to Capricorn being known as the sign that always wants to do the right thing. This underlying need can bring an energy that is very focused, disciplined and hard working and is what motivates Capricorn energy to want to build and organise and create an empire, and have the patience to do that one step at a time, appreciating the necessary steps required to build a stable foundation.

As you can imagine, with such drive can come stubbornness, a need to control themselves, others and events and a perceived detached manner with those around them. They can be desperate for external approval and gratification to assure them that they are "getting it right". One of the medicines that Capricorn can bring is to learn not to need this approval from others, to be able to be their authentic selves, remain indifferent to external praise and seek approval from within themselves. 

They have the ability to take all the elements and bring them together as a functioning and efficient whatever the circumstance. This energy brings the potential for great success, however the low road of Capricorn can be an inability to see the whole picture and recognise the potential and therefore take on a pessimistic perspective. This can directly impact the ambitious and motivated streak and while they may still desire to succeed they may not have the confidence and may let their concerns hold them back. If perceived as unsuccessful the Capricorn's ability for self control and discipline can result in an unhealthy suppression of their emotions, they may try to control those around them and come across as patronising, tyrannical an result in an inability to treat those in their life as equals. 
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This collection is designed to be utilised in the way that best supports the user. With a blend for each of the star signs, one may choose to support themselves with their own star (sun) sign blend. They may choose to work with the blend relating to the star sign of someone else that they are either struggling with or wishing to connect more strongly with. One may be hoping to balance out or enhance certain aspects related to a particular sign or one may be working with a particular house in their natal chart and feel it supportive to work with the blend of the sign that sits on that house. It may be comforting and supportive to work with the blend that is linked to the sign that the current moon phase is in, or another planet that one is working with and feeling deeply. The possibilities are endless and we encourage you to use them however they call to you to work with them. There is extensive information and interpretations available in relation to the different signs and we would encourage you to seek out that which resonates with you. For further information on how the signs can be explored with evolutionary astrology, and therefore the approach that has been kept in mind while this range was developed, go to our website and you will find this in the astrology listings. The dates may differ ever so slightly year to year, but the following are the general dates associated with each sign. 

100% organic virgin cold pressed jojoba oil, 100% essential oils of Roman chamomile, sandalwood, ginger and patchouli; crystal nectars of azurite and tiger's eye. All infused in earth medicine ritual over the full lunar cycles of dark, new and full moon and attuned with a Saturn - 147.85hz tuning fork.