Clay Bath

Clay Bath

A soothing soak for the body in a supportive blend of natural ingredients to soothe the skin and body while detoxing and nourishing at the same time.
For best results, run a very warm bath. Take a bowl that is not ceramic and a plastic or wooden spoon. Put some of the clay bath mixture in the bowl and gradually add some water until it becomes a smooth paste. Add this to the water and stir through until evenly distributed. It is possible to gradually add the mixture to the bath directly, just be sure to agitate the water, ensuring it dissolves and mixes in with the water.
 Hop into the bath and sit back and relax allowing your body to be enveloped in the intentional magic for a minimum of 20 minutes. We wont be held responsible if you decide to spend the whole day in the bath, nor will we judge.
Organic bentonite clay, also known as Montmorillonite, is known to also have an abundance of minerals, including calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron and potassium. There is research that suggests several traditional cultures have used Bentonite Clay for centuries.  The bentonite clay that we use in our salts, soaks and masks is food grade compliant and formed from volcanic ash that has been trapped for eons in sea beds in Australia, and is finely milled to 45 microns. The clay is harvested, dried, milled and packaged with absolutely no chemicals used. 
How does the Bentonite Clay actually work? and why is it beneficial to include it in this cleansing bath salt blend? It is negatively charged attracting and binding toxins. The clay swells like a highly porous sponge when mixed with water and toxins are drawn into the sponge through electrical attraction, and once they are there they become bound. The negative charge of the bentonite clay also means that it stabiliser free radicals stopping them from causing molecular and cellular damage.
Epsom salts, which aren't actually a salt at all, have been found to assist the body with detoxing, relaxation, tension and pain in the physical body and softer, happier skin. 
Organic fine oatmeal can soothe the most irritated of skin and leave you feeling relaxed, with skin that feels refreshed and soothed.
INGREDIENTS: organic bentonite clay, espsom salts, organic oatmeal, 100% essential oils of lemon myrtle, kunzea and geranium.