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Detachment - energy removal

Detachment - energy removal

This spray was crafted to assist with moving on and clearing negative energy. This negative energy may be related to negative feelings or attachments to certain people that are no longer in ones life or that one needs to move forward from. The spray can help to unravel the energetic entanglement between the user and the other person so that they can clear this connection and move forward with clarity and the insights they were intended to learn from the interaction without the attachment or fixation on the loss of the person or the hurts that may have been experienced.

The spray has also been crafted with traditional elements to remove and dissolve any negative energy frequencies, negative entities, curses, and psychic attack that may be residing in or around a persons energy field. These energies can interfere with a persons mental and emotional stability, perpetuating negative though patterns, emotions and behaviours. Sometimes one may be so entangled with these negative energies that there may be resistance in letting them go, this spray will help facilitate the clarity between what is the users true pathway, thoughts and emotions and what is the result of the negative energy that has been impacting their energetic systems. This clarity will allow them to connect with their higher selves and centre and in turn release and move forward and to be more aware of what is their energy and what may be another energy impacting them. 

Ingredients: Energised mineral water, essential oil dispersant (coconut and almond oil), back salt from the Hawaiian island of Molokai, flower essences of buffalo gourd, holy thorn, oleander, sow thistle, birch, rowan, cherry, snowdrop, comfrey, pennyroyal, yarrow, Scottish primrose, watercress, wild pansy, wintergreen, elf cup lichen, 100% essential oils of frankincense, myrrh, rose, lemon and helichrysum. Crystal nectars of moldavite, larimar, black tourmaline, kunzite, and celestial quartz, diamond, hematite. All infused over the full lunar cycle of dark, new and full moon and attuned with Om- 136.10hz and Mental/Astral tuning forks.