Extra Large Mother of Pearl Abalone Shell

Extra Large Mother of Pearl Abalone Shell

Working with the abalone shell is not only a practical way to catch the cinders from whatever you are burning, but it also brings the element of water to your ritual or sacred cleansing. By bringing the element of fire, water, earth (with the plant medicine) and the smoke which is carried represents the air, this can be enhanced by fanning with a feather or your own breath.

They are the perfect companion for burning palo santo, or smaller botanical cleansing sticks. You may also choose to use them with charcoal tablets and loose herbs, resins or powders, or placing loose herbs in their on their own. This allows you to also collect what is left behind after you are finished burning.

Tp protect the shell from becoming damaged you can put down some sand, dirt or salt as a barrier. If using sand or dirt I like to return it to the earth. If using salt I return it to the sea as placing salt into the ground can cause serious and long lasting damage to the soil. 

Be cautious when handling the shell as any heat may have transferred and abalone shells have small holes that cinders can sometimes fall through. 

Please note this is a listing for the extra large abalone shell on its own and does not come with the pictured cleansing products.