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Facial Roller + winged Gua Sha tool
Facial Roller + winged Gua Sha tool
Facial Roller + winged Gua Sha tool
Facial Roller + winged Gua Sha tool
Facial Roller + winged Gua Sha tool

Facial Roller + winged Gua Sha tool

Please note, this listing is for the Facial Roller + Gua Sha tool without the Nourish oil. 

We live in a world where the term self-care has become distorted with all sorts of societal judgements and expectations from ourselves and others. For some self-care comes with ideas of selfishness, indulgence and the unnecessary. For others it comes with a sense of peace, relief and an understanding that without taking some time for self-care we risk burn-out, anxiety, depression and overwhelm. What self-care looks like is different for each individual. What is self-care to you?

Using a facial roller and Gua Sha tools have several physical benefits, but we love how taking that time for yourself in your day is an opportunity for connection, ritual and mindfulness. An opportunity to be present. To slow down. To take a moment to truly be with yourself.  

There is evidence that the facial roller and Gua Sha tools were used by Chinese royalty and other high society members as early as the 17th century to achieve and maintain a naturally beautiful and youthful appearance. Using a facial roller and Gua Sha massage can

- promote lymphatic drainage + blood circulation

- tighten + firm the skin

- brightening in complexion minimisation of pores

-prevent + reduce the appearance of fine lines

- reduce puffiness

- reduce dark circles under the eyes

- relieve and relax the muscles while firming them without tension

- can support clear skin, improving issues such as acne and rosacea

- lighten and minimise age spots and other skin discolouration

While all of these are fantastic benefits, we encourage creating this daily ritual for a connection to self, a nurturing of your own wellbeing and time to swim in the yin energy of "being", while still "doing" something for yourself and self-care.

There are also several meridians, used within Traditional Chinese Medicine, that begin and end on the face or flow through the face and by stimulating these you connect deeper with your energetic system and encourage a more positive flow of energy at the same time.