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Sacred Sexuality - sensuality and sexuality

Sacred Sexuality - sensuality and sexuality

Many find themselves struggling to connect and accept and integrate a more sexual and sensual side within their lives and daily ritual, especially embracing the feminine vs the active, outward masculine. This may come from a place of feeling vulnerable to step into this energy or holding onto beliefs and behaviours formed from previous experiences where a feminine energy has not been shown respect. In other situations this energy has been abused or taken advantage of.

Social conditioning may have convinced one that they should be ashamed of these elements or that they can not be successful and grounded in life and connected to these parts of herself simultaneously. Whatever the reason, when a person becomes disconnected from their feminine self they can become disconnected not only from their sexual and sensual side, but also their creative side and as a result find they are not able to effectively manifest what they desire.

Drawing on elements that promote a healthy sense of self respect, self worth and balance, this oil encourages one to connect with their feminine self and regain the confidence in their ability to create the life that they desires. Containing oils such as clary sage, known for its hormone balancing, one may feel more physically ignited in exploring the feminine self and more connected to their body and its natural rhythms. Crafted with the intention to bring awareness to ones inner and outer beauty and self acceptance and shift disempowering views and concepts about what one needs to be in order to meet others expectations, it can allow one to step into the feminine energy of “being” as opposed to “doing” commanding abundance and relaxing on various levels allowing one to find joy and pleasure in all aspects of their lives

Initially, the oil was crafted to support women into stepping back into their own power, respecting themselves and feeling comfortable to pursue their individual needs without inhibitions that may have crippled them in the past, but many men have found it beneficial to allow them to soften and explore these areas within themselves in a healthy way also.