Finding North - Inner Peace

Finding North - Inner Peace

When we move into the North of the wheel of life we find ourselves in the quiet. Calm, centred and able to come from a place of acceptance and knowing. It is in the North that we surrender. We allow the flow of life to blanket us like heavy snow and while this may be a place that is not comfortable for many, and a phase they want to rush though to start a new endeavour, it is a place that can offer much medicine and where one can learn to lean into themselves and really come to find a place of trust in their own knowing, beliefs, capabilities and presence.

This blend was crafted to assist in stepping into this space. When we are feeling frazzled, overwhelmed or like the world has just become too loud, this blend can help bring that sense of inner calm and quiet that we find in our elders, in our guides and most importantly within ourselves when we stop to truly listen.

This blend brings a sense of calm and nurturing safety, while also calling on the inner strength and bravery that the deep cold winter can demand of us to feel centred . This allows the blend to support one through those last transitions of birth, death, rebirth and can be nurturing for those that are passing over or supporting a loved one in this process.

Finding North is a place of peace and acceptance. The quiet that is nurturing and a space that, if we can sit down and be comfortable in, the medicine will be endless.


ingredients: 100% organic virgin cold pressed jojoba oil; 100% essential oils of davana, may chang, Manuka, ho wood, helichrysum and vanilla oleoresin; crystal nectars of ocean kyanite, k2, kunzite, and petrified wood.