Full Moon Candle
Full Moon Candle

Full Moon Candle

Crafted by the talented Herbal Hiraeth. Harness the potent Full Moon energy with this magical Full Moon Ritual Wood Wick Candle (5oz/40 hours).

When the moon shines full it emanates powerful balancing and nurturing energy. Burn this candle to align the energy surrounding you and embrace the magical energy the Full Moon offers. 

This magical candle is handcrafted with powerful herbs and essential oils aligned to the Full Moon, that lend their energy to help balance and harmonise. 

Balance. Nurture. Banish.

Pure High Quality Soy Wax

Wood Wicks

Pure High Grade Essential Oils

Reusable Tin Container

Strong Scent

Handcrafted & hand poured in small batches, these magical ritual candles are infused with the energy of the Full Moon.

Candles are hand poured with soy wax into a tin with comforting natural wood wicks, pure essential oils of Geranium, Cedarwood & Patchouli, and infused with a Rose Quartz Crystal & Rose Herbs. Rose Quartz Crystal is a powerful amplifier of self love, aiding our soul to have the strength to recognise and release what no longer serves us. Each essential oil and herb has been intricately chosen to create and enhance the nurturing & balancing energy when lit.

Burn at any time of the Moon Phase when you need the energy of Full Moon.