Grounded Tea

Grounded Tea

Another tea from The Wellbeing Collab and an extension of their first intuitively blended tea, Inner Connection, Grounded comes with the addition of offering you a sense of balance from within.

The purpose of this tea is to align you with your inner truth while working with all 7 chakras.

Specifically crafted with women in mind this creation includes; spearmint, rose petals, lavender, lemon verbena, oatstraw, calendula and licorice root.

A hand-blended collection of locally grown (where possible) and certified organic ingredients this tea offers your well-being, your inner warrior and your chakras (energy centers) the balancing effects of a well blended & delicious tea.

Take a moment in time to align with your inner wisdom while expanding your awareness and grounding your presence in the here and the now, with the grounded Sacred Self Herbal Tea.

You can enjoy in the evening, post ritual or meditation and allow the nature of this tea to centre and ground you into the present moment.