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Gulbarn Tea
Gulbarn Tea

Gulbarn Tea

Gulbarn is an ancient bush medicine tea, wild harvested and hand-picked by Alawa people on Alawa Country in the Northern Territory’s remote Big Rivers region. 

Alawa Country is rich with plants and animals and the Alawa people are full of knowledge, language and culture.  

Gulbarn is the Alawa term for melaleuca citrolens, a plant in the myrtle family which grows wild across the Northern Territory’s vast savannah ecosystem. It has been used by the Alawa people for thousands of years to heal colds, coughs and stomach aches. Traditionally, it is brewed for drinking, inhaling or bathing in and is still used on Country today when adults and children are sick and to improve immunity.

With an unmistakably Australian aroma, Gulbarn has a subtle flavour with notes of sweet citrus, tea tree and eucalyptus. High in antioxidants, caffeine free and a rich source of calcium, magnesium and potassium, it can be enjoyed hot and cold. 

The Alawa people have sustainably managed and harvested this ancient medicinal plant turned modern supertea since time immemorial. The community leads local biodiversity conservation efforts, ensuring Gulbarn is collected and protected in line with cultural values and traditional ecological knowledge.

This tea has become our household favourite. We drink it hot, warm and cold throughout the day and Mr. Aurelia Alchemy likes to declare every few days how amazing it is just in case we have forgotten. He is a rebellious, introverted Aquarius that only lets his Leo moon out to play for special occasions and Gulbarn tea is one of them!


Ingredients: Gulbarn (melaleuca citrolens)

Gulbarn is made in Australia from 100% Australian ingredients.