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Heart Elixir - unconditional love - essence

Heart Elixir - unconditional love - essence

This essence has been crafted to do exactly what the name suggests, heal the heart and bring in the vibration of love of the highest order. Infused with a multitude of high vibrational elements all specially chosen to bring a sense of unconditional love and repair ones energetic heart space after experiences that can lead to heart break and grief. This may be due to the loss of a loved one, the ending of a relationship or unrequited love or it may be a deeper issue stemming from childhood conditioning or familial patterns that have led one to feel unloved, unlovable or like they are unable to connect with others, or themselves to offer themselves nurturing and care.

With a strong focus on repairing the persons energy and instilling a sense of self worth, self respect and an inner knowing and strength that the person may not have known before, the ultimate goal is to help one shift their hurts, surrender to the healing process and move forward. More specifically, move forward with the ability and understanding that they are able to support themselves with the unconditional love that one may attribute to a “mother’s love” in that it is unwavering and that they are able to depend on it being there in abundance, in all circumstances, regardless of where they may stand with others or within social constructs. One can feel a sense of support from within that encourages them to embrace the confidence to step into their true selves with trust and foster more healthy balanced relationships from a place of mutual respect. 

ingredients: energised mineral water with essences of sitka burnet, hawthorn, chaparral, pink yarrow, bleeding heart, pink baby rose, manzanita, tobacco, lady's slipper, chrysoprase, emerald, rhodolite garnet, apophyllite, rose quartz, blue and green tourmaline with a dash of organic brandy.