Intuition - spiritual connection


Intuition - spiritual connection

This blend has been crafted to support those wanting to explore and expand their intuitive connection. For those that are just embarking down the pathway to connection with a more spiritual side they will find that the oil may bring them comfort as well as enhancing their connection to their higher selves. The blend aims to catalyse the connection to ones intuition in turn making it easier to connect and holding much stronger connection. From this perspective the blend can be just as beneficial to someone that already feels that they have a strong sense of their intuitive gifts already.

The essential oils and crystal nectars were carefully chosen to ensure that the connection with ones higher knowing was enhanced, but that this came with a stable and solid foundation or trust and support. It aims to connect with ones sacral chakra where we truly “feel” our intuition as well as the higher third eye chakra where we are able to interpret what it is that we have first received. Intuition comes in many different forms and is an intimate experience for each and every person, but the hope is that the oil will bring you closer to your authentic self and inner knowing that you are seeking. 

ingredients: 100% cold pressed jojoba oil, 100% essential oils of blue cypress, blue yarrow, cedarwood atlas, bay laurel, patchouli, angelica, and white cypress; infused with labradorite, amethyst, celestite, and azurite all attuned with an Om - 136.10hz tuning fork.