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Lakshmi - Divine Abundance
Lakshmi - Divine Abundance

Lakshmi - Divine Abundance

Lakshmi is the goddess of prosperity, wealth and wellbeing and within Hindu religion and culture is associated with bringing all beings here on Earth abundance in all areas.

 Lakshmi is both the wife and divine energy, or shakti, of the Hindu god Vishnu, who is known as the protector, the destroyer and regenerator of the universe and all life. Lakshmi assists her husband during the creation, sustenance, and destruction of the entire universe. Working with Lakshmi can bring divine abundance and balance to your relationships and to the energy you are putting out into the world for the kind of relationship you want to attract in.

There are eight prominent manifestations of Lakshmi, known as the Ashta Lakshmi, which connect to eight sources of wealth - prosperity, fertility, good fortune, offspring, health, knowledge, strength, and power. Lakshmi governs the life of all human beings through these eight sources of wealth. In each manifestation Lakshmi offers her magic to meet the necessities and desires of human beings and while she is known as being restless and whimsical, Lakshmi is always found with her arms wide open, ready to bless and bring wealth.

 The deeper lesson is for one to understand that Lakshmi, goddess of prosperity, is here to support you with so much more than the superficial. Lakshmi offers abundance and support in all of those areas of life and in moments where we may become focused on material wealth we can call on her to bring balance back into our world. Work with Lakshmi and her archetypical energy to transcend and shift the focus on material wealth and embrace the value of spiritual progress. This will look different for each and every person, you can call on Lakshmi when needing support associated with nurturing, fertility, creativity, wealth, health and growth or anything else that you personally feel would fill your soul and make you feel abundant.

 Ingredients: 100% organic virgin cold pressed jojoba oil, 100% essential oils of frankincense, patchouli + turmeric; crystal nectars of pyrite, emerald, clear quartz. All infused in earth medicine ritual over the full lunar cycles of dark, new and full moon and attuned with a Om - 136.10hz tuning fork