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July 23rd - August 22nd


archetype - The King/Queen, The Child, The Performer, The Clown

fixed/fire positive/masculine

the high road - warmth, warm-hearted, enthusiastic, confident, proud, flamboyant

the low road - egotistical, opinionated, patronising, arrogant, autocratic, overbearing

Leo energy allows us to step into the process of developing our personality and our ego, while encouraging us to say yes to life and celebrate ourselves in our authenticity. Leo energy wants to embrace all that life has to offer, living life to the full and hoping to see this reflected in all those around them. This comes with vitality, enthusiasm and what can be seen as a child like joy and spontaneity. Working with Leo energy can help us to loosen up and be less rigid, finding a new zest for like and embracing that playful inner child. 

It is important for Leo to see evidence of their inner selves expressed in the world around them, expression of self is vital and as a result there can be a focus on creating this outward expression of what lies within them. Leo can be very charismatic, self-assumed and his enthusiasm can be seen as being overly self-assured. To some this may also look like attention seeking and arrogance, but while Leo loves the limelight in many ways, as Leo shines with confidence and enthusiasm, he hopes to raise those around him to do the same. Leo can support you with your own confidence and leadership. You may want to consider in which ways shining your light could help raise others and how you could empower others and yourself in doing so. 

Ruled by the Sun, Leo holds similar qualities, wanting to bring that vibrant light into our lives, enriching us and showing us our place in the world. With this support from the Sun, Leo energy can be a very generous and heart-centered force, hoping to encourage life and enthusiasm in others, leading others to their own confidence and glory, ensuring they are on the pathway to their true authentic selves and destiny. 

When we consider Aries, he is a stand alone leader with little to no concern for validation from others, Leo wants to lead, but in the manner of royalty that rules their subjects magnanimously. Leo thrives when their need for approval, applause, appreciation, adoration and praise is met. The more that is given, the more Leo energy will shine. However, if these needs are not met, then the Leo energy can become arrogant, autocratic, and become overly dramatic in their quest for love and approval. When working with Leo you may consider in which ways or areas of your life do you need this external validation? Or how do you seek it out? How do you behave when you do not get the attention or recognition you believe you deserve? Where does Leo sit in your chart and can you see how this plays out for you?

This product is part of the Astrology Collection

This collection is designed to be utilised in the way that best supports the user. With a blend for each of the star signs, one may choose to support themselves with their own star (sun) sign blend. They may choose to work with the blend relating to the star sign of someone else that they are either struggling with or wishing to connect more strongly with. One may be hoping to balance out or enhance certain aspects related to a particular sign or one may be working with a particular house in their natal chart and feel it supportive to work with the blend of the sign that sits on that house. It may be comforting and supportive to work with the blend that is linked to the sign that the current moon phase is in, or another planet that one is working with and feeling deeply. The possibilities are endless and we encourage you to use them however they call to you to work with them. There is extensive information and interpretations available in relation to the different signs and we would encourage you to seek out that which resonates with you. For further information on how the signs can be explored with evolutionary astrology, and therefore the approach that has been kept in mind while this range was developed, go to our website and you will find this in the astrology listings. The dates may differ ever so slightly year to year, but the following are the general dates associated with each sign. 

Ingredients: 100% organic virgin cold pressed jojoba oil; 100% essential oils sweet orange, lemon, cedarwood atlas, clary sage; crystal nectars of onyx and tigers eye; all attuned with Sun - 126.22hz tuning fork.