Love Your Yoni

Love Your Yoni

a soothing steaming blend of natural ingredients to soothe, cleanse, and nurture our womb space and call on our innate wisdom. 

Yoni steaming is a sacred ritual practice that has been used for centuries to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. I personally steam a minimum two times a month and use it as a time to connect with all aspects of my self in a gentle and nurturing way and to build a positive and healthy relationship between my womb space, vagina, vulva and the cycles I move through the month.

Steaming gently nourishes the body and offers support in many ways, including, but not limited to the following;

 ~ detoxifies the uterus

~ the hot steam brings warmth to your womb space and your base and sacral chakras. This allows for emotions and events hat you have pushed down into the womb space to be unravelled and cleansed and cleared from this space. This can help the body to release any trauma it has stored in the womb space as well. When purchasing a Love Your Yoni Steaming Blend or I AM SENSUAL bundle you receive access to two online processes, one for assessing your womb space and one for clearing and releasing. 

~ We create from our sacral chakra, from our womb space. Supporting this space by deliberately nurturing it allows for connection to your creative centre

~ bring healing attention and flow to your reproductive system

~ celebrate and embrace your feminine by focusing on an area of the body that is often overlooked, shamed or thought of only for its reproductive and sexual uses

~relax your mind by taking this time for yourself to be present and just "be", the ultimate yin energy expression

~ many have found them to be supportive for overcoming yeast overgrowth

~steaming has been found to relax your womb and your sexual organs reducing menstrual cramps and the pain, bloating and exhaustion  and other PMS/PMT symptoms associated with menstruation. 

~ assisting with the above allows for space to be created for a more positive relationship to be formed with your cycle and a connection to build that invites you to embrace all stages of the cycle and the beauty they offer

~steaming has been found to help the uterus to tone and clean itself more effectively ultimately leading to a cycle that flows with ease

~regulating your cycle and bringing balance to menstrual flow, decreasing heavy flow and encouraging flow of any stuck or stagnant energy out of the body

~supports healing of the reproductive system after giving birth, can be especially nurturing and supportive in the process of healing after a perineal tear or graze or an episiotomy

~soothing support for those with haemorrhoids especially when used in combination with our haemorrhoid oil.

~ can offer physical and emotional support and relief for symptoms experienced during menopause

It is not always safe to steam, especially if you are pregnant. There are also times when it is not recommended. All of this is detailed in the handout that comes with your steam blend, but if you have any questions about your circumstances, send us an email and we can go through them with you.

INGREDIENTS: calendular, thyme, nettle, yarrow, rosemary, rose, chamomile, blue cornflower, lavender and jasmine.

This listing is for a pack of yoni steaming herbs only. For purchase with a set of yoni eggs, go to our I AM SENSUAL bundle