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Masculine / feminine balance - hormonal support


Masculine / feminine balance - hormonal support

These two blends are designed to support the healthy hormonal expression of the user. The blends contain essential oils and crystal nectars the have been found to encourage a balanced and healthy production of both male and female hormones and while each il is crafted with a bias toward the masculine or feminine, in reality the users gender isn’t necessarily the guiding factor to which blend is most appropriate. Both men and women have the spectrum of hormones found in their body, oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone etc., and they also have cortisol, adrenaline and thyroid hormones, just to name a few. Both blends aim to support all of these functions, and the emotional and energetic aspects that may impact them. While in general it would be recommended that those looking to support the biological feminine use the feminine balance blend and those looking to support the biological masculine use the masculine blend, both can be used with success for anyone.

One may feel they are challenged with the opposite sex and may choose to use the blend that is opposite to what they identity as. In which case they may find that the blend helps to support them to connect with the opposite energy or to dissolve any blocks they have around being around this energy or embracing it. The limits are only put in place by how you perceive the masculine and feminine