Mini Astro Reading + Support

Mini Astro Reading + Support

Connect in with Hannah for a mini astro reading and receive a support pack of four oils for you to use to balance out the high and low roads of what lies within your astrological blueprint. 

For those who know their birth details, you will work with your birth chart keeping in mind any important circumstances or situations you are seeking support for.

Those who don't have their birth details don't fret! Hannah is able to work with the details you do have in combination with current transits and any challenges you would like some insight and support into. 

Based on what is uncovered in the session you will be sent an Oil Huggy with four oils from the Astrology, Planet and Goddess Collections for continued support. 

Depending on what oils are best for you, this package ranges between $250 - $300 in value and so combining them into a selection that is absolutely unique to you comes with a huge saving. 

Once you purchase your session Hannah will reach out to organise the process from there so ensure you put in your best email when placing your order or pop it in the notes at check out.