Monthly Support Bundle
Monthly Support Bundle
Monthly Support Bundle

Monthly Support Bundle

*****please note these bundles of magic will be sent out starting May 2022*****
A bundle of magic sent straight to your door as a monthly gift and commitment to yourself.

As a practitioner of multiple modalities, the founder and maker of Aurelia Alchemy Hannah, has so much more to offer than just a range of products.

Through workshops, mentorship, the God + Goddess Ritual kits and clinic sessions Hannah is able to extend more of her training and knowledge to widen the experiences and effectiveness of the Aurelia Alchemy products, but it isn't possible to offer that one on one support to our thousands of customers. As much as we try!
Each Support Bundle will have at least one full size Aurelia Alchemy product or two 5ml products included as well as other supportive tools. There will be more in depth information about the product, suggestions for more therapeutic uses as well as supportive information about the astrological transits that month. 
These Monthly Support Bundles have been put together to create a bridge between the in person or 1:1 work in workshops, clinic and kits and the experience of buying a product and exploring the properties on your own. 

A little hand holding, a little extra insight, and the opportunity to work with products that you might not have chosen for yourself or even knew existed in our extensive product range, but in your own way and space that works for you.

The new Monthly Support Bundle will be released on the first of each month and sent out within the first week of the month. Each Monthly Support Bundle will have a limited amount available for one off purchases, otherwise you can sign up for a monthly subscription which will be invoiced for on the 1st of the month, regardless of your sign up date. This means if you sign up during the month you will get that current months Support Bundle and we invoiced for the following month on the 1st of the month and receive the next months bundle in the first week of the month. 
Things to consider at the checkout and afterward -

Shipping is not included in the price of the Monthly Support Bundle. Please select whether you want standard or express shipping at the check out and if subscribing, make a note if you wish to go with a different shipping method for the following months. 

To cancel your subscription to the Monthly Support Bundles send an email to and we can cancel your subscription for you. If you cancel after your most recent Support Bundle has been sent out you can either return the Support Bundle or we can cancel it from the following month. This will be clarified via email. 
*****Please note that the image is an example of what a Monthly Subscription Bundle might contain. Each month will be carefully chosen to support the energy of that month.*****