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Moon - The Caretaker - 210.42hz
Moon - The Caretaker - 210.42hz

Moon - The Caretaker - 210.42hz


function - to nurture, ability to feel + respond emotionally, establish belonging, create security. 

voice - "I comfort. I create security"

rules - Cancer and the 4th House

connections within the body - stomach, breasts, our bodily fluids

represents - Mother

Within Astrology the Moon represents our reigning emotional needs. Many people are well and truly aware of how the moon and our relationship with her impacts our mood, behaviours and overall wellbeing. The frequency of the Moon when positively expressed without obstruction promotes emotional tranquility, softness, intuition, enhances feelings and the feminine, and a flowing flexibility with life.

The Moon embodies the yin principles of receptivity, receiving and reflecting the light of the Sun. The Sun is concerned with action, the Moon with reaction. This connects with our inner child and the child like state of reacting and unfiltered emotions. You can work with the Moon's energy to bring out more emotional openness, connection, and expression, or to balance out your energy if you are experiencing overwhelming emotions that feel too big to contain or explosive and detrimental, making it difficult to discern what to and not to express. 

The Moon reaches back into the past and also represents the subconscious. When we work with our Moon in our birth chart it can give us insights into how we view the past, but also our natural, subconscious habits, our mood and our imagination. 
The Moon is also representative of our mother or primary care giver and how we perceived them and what the relationship was like or what you would have longed for. It is also indicative of how you may mother yourself. The Moon ensures the Sun has all the support it needs to "shine" and as our reigning emotional needs shape how we need to be nurtured and mothered. Leaning into this energy can help us surrender and be vulnerable to ourselves and others and allow ourselves to be taken care of by ourselves and others. 

Work with the Moon ritual oil to support yourself through different moon phases, in particular the full, dark and new moon phases. Work with it when exploring your moon placement in your birth chart. Work with it to support yourself emotionally, when exploring self care, nurturing, and emotional balance. Work with it when healing your mother wound, or reparenting yourself and as support on your own parenting journey.  

Ingredients: 100% organic virgin cold pressed jojoba oil, 100% essential oils of blue cypress, mugwort, jasmine and magnolia and crystal nectars of moonstone, selenite, opal, labradorite, lithium quartz all attuned with a Moon - 210.42hz tuning fork.