Neptune - The Transcender - 211.44hz
Neptune - The Transcender - 211.44hz

Neptune - The Transcender - 211.44hz


function - to dissolve all barriers, to empathise, weakening the barrier that separates the conscious from the unconscious, the ego from the soul
voice - "I exhibit Faith. I heal."

rules - Pisces

connections within the body - pineal gland, thalamus, spinal canal.
Neptune's energy is neither matter, nor of the Earth. Ruling all that is subtle, mysterious, undefined or non-material, this is reflected in the symbol for Neptune. We find the soul impaled on the cross of matter; the soul reaches upward, but it trapped by the matter around it. This embodies the soul's suffering while it is encased in matter and its deep longing to return to its source, the spirit. Neptune represents consciousness itself, not identity or the contents of consciousness, Neptune is the part of us that stands back and just watches us with curious observation.
Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, So while Venus is concerned about love in the physical plane, Neptune takes the concerns of Venus to the spiritual plane, focused on displaying compassion, empathy and sensitivity. Neptune is the part of us that feels sensitive and vulnerable and a part of the mind that refuses to accept the perceived limitations of the so called real world. Neptune is inspired! Neptune is a visionary and with Neptune we form a space to experience dreams and have extrasensory experiences.

Neptune is sometimes called the planet of illusion, dissolving reality and worldliness and is more concerned with the realms of fantasy, escapism, spirituality and at times drug use in order to achieve those the aforementioned and a sense of unity with the world and all that is. We can see all this reflected in society when Neptune was discovered in 1846, alongside a period of time filled with rapid spiritual and religious growth as well as experimentation with hypnosis, psychoanalysis and drug use. Neptune is driven by the desire for spirituality and oneness, searching for evidence of another realm. Desiring greater perfection in the world, and therefore our placement can show us where we desire perfection. Work with Neptune if you find yourself slipping into escapism, or feeling the call to disappear into the world of visions, dreams and illusions. Alternatively, Neptune is supportive for those wanting to deep dive into the esoteric world. 

Neptune teaches us compassion and unity with its deep understanding of oneness and the collective. Neptune helps us to transcend the limiting beliefs put in place by our own conditioning and that within society around us. These concepts can bring confusion to some and struggles with not knowing limits and boundaries. The frequency of Neptune therefore enhances spiritual experiences and brings out ability to be compassionate and open to surrendering to creativity. Helps get in touch with and support the dream life, artistic nature, music, art, dance and creativity. Call on the energy of Neptune to bring out your creative side. 
ingredients: 100% organic virgin cold pressed jojoba oil; 100% essential oils of melissa, blue yarrow, blue tansy, and rose; Crystal nectars of aquamarine, amazonite, and clear quartz. All attuned with a Neptune - 211.44hz tuning fork.