Persephone Ritual Kit
Persephone Ritual Kit

Persephone Ritual Kit

Are you looking to deepen your understanding of self and your connection to your authentic self?
On a transformative pathway and seeking further support to explore the challenges you find yourself faced with?
Do you feel that you could benefit from including some supportive daily ritual into your life, with some gentle accountability from a facilitator that is offering to hold brave space for you and your process?
There are many different beliefs and approaches of how to work with Gods and Goddesses. With a passion for history, classics, astrology and mythology, this collection has been crafted drawing on little bits and pieces of all of those areas to allow the user to draw on the archetypical energy they can offer.

Archetypes are considered a universal symbol, an energy that is in the universal consciousness and that can be drawn on and embodied by any individual to explore their own inner selves, their external worlds and to shift and gain clarity in their lives. 


Persephone is the representation of all our dualities. She is both young flower maiden and Queen of the underworld.

Those living the maiden pathway may find themselves uncommitted within relationships, work, or study, even though they may be on that pathway already. They may feel unable to make a decision for themselves or like that power is taken from them or depends on the needs of others. They may struggle to find their own voice and working with Persephone can give them that courage to take the space and time for themselves to sit with and listen to that voice. 

For those that may sit on the other extreme, Persephone can help them to become more flexible with their commitments and allow for change to come into place, shifting through the seasons in a way that is more supportive for them. It can also support the young maiden energy that hasn't yet learned when to be discerning with her voice and the connections she makes. 

As Queen of the Underworld she represents strength, experience, and growth, she sees what truly lays in the shadows and is not afraid of it now that she understands it. For those wanting to step into shadow work and looking past the surface level, Persephone can support you in this process. Understanding that you have the power to take charge of your life and create transformation. 

As Persephone was kidnapped by Hades into the underworld her innocence and lack of experience was prominent. Those living in this space may feel passive, or like they cannot step into their true deeper desires. When around men she may transform back to that innocent child-woman once again and so Persephone can provide support for those exploring owning and stepping into their sexuality and beauty, coming into womanhood, releasing shame, and leaving behind the preconceived ideas of who she needed to be. 

Due to her unhealthy relationship with her mother, Demeter, working with Persephone can also help to heal and transform our mother wound, leaving behind the aspects of the mother that are not beneficial or supportive for you. 

Each of these ritual oils go through at least 6 rituals over the lunar phases, connecting with the different planetary hours and days to enhance their vibration and alignment with the energy that the god or goddess archetype invokes. 
Hannah originally worked with these oils in clinic and then offered workshops to those wanting to explore the archetypical energy at a deeper level. Many people asked for further support and those that couldn't attend workshops asked for a way they could take part in this extended support and ritual and as a result the God + Goddess Ritual Kits were born. 
Working with these archetypical energies helps people to connect deeply with their authentic selves and bring their soul back into balance. Each month a new god or goddess ritual kit will be released with the ritual oil and their own set of unique artwork by Rhiannon of Good Morning Moon and a ritual card with journaling and reflection prompts and directions for more specific therapeutic application as well as some supportive treats.
A gentle, but powerful way for you to continue your growth in your own space and take self responsibility for your healing process. Shift and disarm the story and blockages you have around certain emotions, relationships, and situations, while getting insights into the shadowy areas you may have been dancing around instead of with, until now.

This is the listing for the one off purchase of the Persephone Ritual Kit. For those that want to commit to a subscription they will get access to extra resources such as mediations, transformative journey and regular contact with extra accountability prompts and check ins. The processes, meditations and journeys will enhance the use of the ritual oils and provide guidance, accountability and the opportunity to truly reflect and explore the parts of ourselves we may keep hidden or buried. If this is your first one off ritual kit purchase you will also get access to these bonus materials to give you an idea of what the subscription can offer, or if you have recently subscribed, but want to work with Persephone, you will also receive the bonus materials. 

as a one off purchase you will get

10 ml god or goddess ritual oil

god or goddess artwork by Good Morning Moon

ritual card with reflection and journalling prompts, affirmation and specific therapeutic application directions*

+ 1-3 supportive treats that may include items such as crystals, candles, delicious and nutritious food and drink, clearing tools, ritual ingredients and tools, etc.

*for your first one off ritual kit purchase you will receive access to the guided reflective process and meditation. Subsequent one off purchases will be as above 


discount codes not valid with God + Goddess Ritual Kits

PLEASE NOTE: the ritual kit you receive may not have the exact same supportive items as what you see pictured here due to availability. Please trust that whatever you receive has been carefully chosen to support your process.