Repair - scar tissue support

Repair - scar tissue support

We all have scars in some shape or form. For some these scars create stress in our system. This may be physical and biochemical stress where the tissue is still recovering, or never had the chance to recover in a supported way, or it may be stress of the mental or emotional kind where the appearance or memories attached to a scar carry on impacting us long after the initial wound has healed. Energetically, scar tissue can impact our meridian system, creating issues with acupoints and can create tension and blockages in how the energy flows through our body. 

There are many ways that we release scar tissue in clinic to support all of these aspects and it was with these in mind that this oil was crafted. It not only draws on the physically healing properties of the essential oils and the wheatgerm, but the vibrational imprint they carry that can help shift the mental, emotional and energetic aspects too. 

By tending to the areas where we hold our scars with intention and kindness we already start to shift this energy. By gently massaging these areas with the oil, visualising the release and regeneration of the area, we can further support our healing on all levels. 

Ingredients: Wheatgerm oil, 100% essential oils of frankincense, neroli, lavender, helichrysum, sandalwood and rose; infused with bloodstone, clear quartz, rose quartz, jade, obsidian, attuned with an Om - 136.10hz tuning fork and a Optimal Skin Function information microchip.