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Sacred White Sage

Sacred White Sage

Sacred to many traditional cultures, white sage has been used in clearing and cleansing rituals to dispel negative energy and prepare a space for sacred ritual and ceremony or to create a calm space where the positive energy can flow in. Not only does it dispel and clear the energetics of a space or a person, but it purifies the air as it does so. 

All plants hold their own energetic and physical properties that foster the connection and creation of a space and energy that is clearer and of a higher vibration. By clearing out stagnant energy and creating more flow and movement in a space we are able to unravel negative energy that has built up in a space from those who have been in it, from the thoughts, feelings and experiences that have been shared and from the general transmission of energy day in and out. As the smoke fills the air it cleanses and clears out the space allowing positive energy to flow in. 

This white sage comes in a small or large size and has been sourced from Sage Dreaming.  Sage Dreaming operates on virgin farm land in the alpine region of Victoria, and has been organically growing and harvesting Grandfather Sage for the last 20 years.