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Satiation - curb your appetite

Satiation - curb your appetite

This particular blend was crafted to foster a sense of satiation, but also to encourage the user to break old patterns and habits that may have had the turn to food for comfort or not listen to their internal messengers letting them know that they were full. This is sometimes due to a chemical imbalance and other times due to the body being so use to a certain level of food intake that those messengers are no longer working.

The blend promotes a sense of self worth, confidence and acceptance on top of the biochemical elements to support a balanced hormonal expression to be triggered. From this perspective one may use this oil to help support them with any area of their lives that they may be prone to over indulge, for example, alcohol, video games, pornography, toxic relationships etc. While nurturing the system it also encourages a bit of a jump start of your higher self to start making better decisions and to truly consider what you may be indulging in outside of moderation. 

Ingredients: 100% essential oils of grapefruit, bergamot, citronella, sweet fennel, cinnamon. Infused with crystal nectars of blue apatite, iolite, seraphinite, sunstone, amethyst, all attuned with an Om - 136.10hz tuning fork.