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Spiritual Immune - Unshakeable Foundation

Spiritual Immune - Unshakeable Foundation

Many people are aware of the importance of nurturing their physical immune system. Healthy foods, avoiding situations that could lead to illness etc., but many people don’t recognise or understand that we have a spiritual immune system as well. The spiritual immune system is our first responder team. The first system to process everything we experience and how we perceive it. A strong spiritual immune system comes from a solid inner knowing of self. Knowing what your needs and boundaries are while you move through the world and navigate relationships and experiences. It gives us the unshakeable foundation to face whatever crosses our path without becoming taxingly overwhelmed, stressed, confused or upset and feel as if we are unable to find a space to feel safe or brave to regroup and remember the strategies we have that can help us move through such experiences.


A depleted spiritual immune system will feel different to different people. It is often present when we are feeling deflated, lethargic and finding ourselves getting snappy. It may present as self doubt and low self worth. One may perceive meaning behind everything said to them that just isn’t there or may want to isolate themselves from others. The energy of others may seem more taxing and for some they may feel they are more susceptible to energetic attack, drains, and projections. As much as the depletion experience differs for each individual person so does the ways to rebuild it. Consider what makes you feel safe, grounded and connected. What is your view of “self care” without succumbing to what we see self care as advertised as.

This blend draws on properties to uplift, restore, and calm the nervous system while building a strength from within oneself to support your self care practice and find your centre. To encourage you to explore who you are and what your needs are without feeling guilty about saying no, or asking for what you want from situations and those around you. Nurturing the spiritual immune system and setting you up to be able to move through life with more ease. 

Ingredients: 100% organic virgin cold pressed jojoba oil, 100% essential oils of buddha wood, saro, Manuka, Moldavian dragonhead, blue yarrow, Siberian fir and nutmeg; crystal nectars of clear quartz and brandberg amethyst.