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Sun - The Illuminator - 126.22hz
Sun - The Illuminator - 126.22hz

Sun - The Illuminator - 126.22hz


function - to express and achieve personal potential, to illuminate.

voice - "I shine. I demonstrate the essential self."

rules - Leo and 5th House

connections within the body - heart, back, spine, thymus, circulatory system

represents - Father

The Sun is technically not a planet, but one of the luminaries. Within astrology it is thought to represent ones personality, or how you express yourself in the world. Your star sign is in fact your Sun sign and in evolutionary astrology this is the part of your personality that you have come here to learn to embrace and practice in this lifetime, it is within this space that we truly reach our potential. It is our essence, our life force, our motivation and how we express our soul. 

The Sun is the embodiment of the yang principles of consciousness, the spirit. It is our physical energy, vitality and our source of power and strength while bringing awareness to our conscious will. It is this awareness of our conscious will and ultimately the expression of our soul through the function of the Sun energy that allows for things to unfold in a way that allows for us to truly confirm our individuality. The Sun impacts all other aspects of the self are expressed, and within astrology how the other planets express themselves, and so when we work with this energy in a conscious way all aspects of the self can become more easily integrated.

It is supportive for those that are exploring deeper questions and reflections such as who am I? And who do I want to be? The frequency of the sun enhances ones sense of strength and motivation, self-identity, vitality and radiance and promotes enthusiasm, assertiveness, and determination. Work with the Sun energy to really open yourself up to exploring, accepting and embarking down your true soul path. Many people find themselves lacking in the previously mentioned qualities and may feel like they are not coming to realise their own purpose and potential. Often these people are living through their Ascendant/Rising sign as this is something they feel comfortable in and that was maybe encouraged in childhood. The journey and connection to our true Sun self may not come until later in life as the layers unravel, and we are able to see where we truly want to be and where we want to invest our energy. 

The Sun is also representative of our father or those who played this role in our lives. This may have been your mother, it is just whoever was the source of authority in your world, especially in your childhood. It is also how we shine and celebrate ourselves and others. Work with this energy to heal father wounds, while reparenting yourself or parenting your own child. Utilise this supportive energy to allow you to step into your confidence, and allow yourself to shine in a way that invites others to shine with you. Sun energy can help illuminate the areas where you have limiting beliefs about yourself and others and unconscious bias that shapes your view of the world and therefore how you may fit into it. 


Ingredients: 100% organic virgin cold pressed jojoba oil, 100%essential oils of lemon, sweet orange, Roman chamomile, lavender; Crystal nectars of sunstone, Libyan Tektite, rainbow mayanite, all attuned with a Sun - 126.22hz tuning fork.