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Third Eye Chakra - Intuition
Third Eye Chakra - Intuition

Third Eye Chakra - Intuition

The third eye chakra, also known as the brow chakra or by the Sanskrit name ajna, is located on the forehead between the eyebrows. The third eye chakra is most often associated with ones intuition, and spiritual connection whether religious or otherwise. It is our perception of more subtle energies, connection to wisdom and insight and helps to inspire us. When out of balance one may experience a lack of clarity, an inability to see a bigger picture or a rejection or block toward all things spiritual. 


Roller- 100% organic virgin cold pressed jojoba oil

Spray - energised mineral water, essential oil dispersant (coconut and almond oil)

100% essential oils of basil, rosemary, grapefruit, clary sage, bergamot and cinnamon; crystal nectars of apophyllite, sodalite, azurite, lapis lazuli, garnet, lepidolite, covelite, diamond and purple fluorite all attuned with an Om - 136.19hz tuning fork and Chakra Information chip.