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Venus - The Attractor - 221.23hz
Venus - The Attractor - 221.23hz

Venus - The Attractor - 221.23hz


function - to establish what we value, to embrace beauty, to create

voice - "I magnetically attract people and experiences of value"

rules - Taurus and Libra, 2nd House and 7th House

connections within the body - kidneys and renal system, venous blood, throat and larynx

Venus is the planet of love, passion, relationships, magnetism, and your personal values. The frequency of Venus enhances ability to feel and have love and close relationships with others, sense of creativity and artistry, ability to receive and share, increases our love of pleasure, harmony and self-appreciation.

Venus is the closest planet to Earth and symbolises the force of attraction present in the universe. We can draw on this energy when wanting to attract things into our life versus having to go out and pursue things. We can also call on Venus energy to help us to make better choices about what we are attracting in and the patterns in previous behaviours and connections to what we have placed value in.

When considering questions such as "what do I value? How am I attracting this into my life, or am I even attracting this in?" Venus energy can be very supportive.  

Venus also encourages us to take care of our physical realms to bring in beauty and pleasure. For some working with this Venus energy will open them up to receiving, connecting in with feelings and experiences of love, leaning in to truly appreciate beauty in life. For others it can be called on if they have a tendency to focus only on the superficial, only on the surface level, the collecting of beautiful possessions as opposed to beautiful experiences and connections. For those that are struggling with creating a truly emotionally strong love connection with others it can help them to move past the surface level, surrender and allow the true connection. Venus can support us when we are considering questions such as "what do I bring to a relationship?" and "what am I wanting in a partner?". 

Venus symbolises the physical manifestation of the feminine in the world. By working with Venus in your personal chart you can get insights into the themes that may be an issue for you within relationships. Venus ultimately wants to bring love and harmony to your world and working with her medicine can allow you to draw this in close and embrace your own ability to attract in that which is perfect for you. 

Ingredients: 100% organic virgin cold pressed jojoba oil, 100% essential oils of ylang ylang, rose geranium, and neroli; Crystal nectars of rose quartz, rhodonite, garnet, and green jade all attuned with a Venus - 221.23hz tuning fork.