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August 23rd - September 22nd


archetype - the servant, the analyst, the perfectionist, the martyr

mutable/Earth  negative/feminine

ruler - Mercury

the high road - observant, service-oriented, organising, nurturing, devoted, precise

the low road - critical, fussy, worrisome, nagging, nervous, fearful

Virgo's overall goal is to perfect itself, to develop skills and most importantly, to then be able to offer them in service to the world. Virgo operates with the intention of committing and fulfilling, the principle of service through all acts. To be helpful and useful and in doing so become more perceivably perfected. Virgo's motivation to follow this path of service and meaningful work comes from a strong desire, possibly the strongest of all signs, for growth and transformation of the self. Virgo energy can support us while we embrace our own growth and transformation as well as where we find ourselves striving for perfection, judging where we might fall short and taking on the responsibility of fixing things, especially if they aren't ours to fix. Working with Virgo energy can also help us to define the areas of our life where we fill drawn to be of service, as well as the areas we may tend to lean toward martyrdom and self-sacrifice. 

Virgo's drive for perfection can result in a phenomenally observant, organised, efficient person. Thriving on routines and systems, their powers of observation allow them to compare, analyse, and determine what is wrong and needs to be fixed. This can be an amazing resource if they have been asked or hired to help in this way, but when out of balance it can be over bearing, critical and alienating. Virgo truly can often see the "best" option, but the way that they go about sharing that information and insight can often result in this not being received well by others. Balance out your Virgo energy so that the positive qualities can flow and allow you to be of service in the way you desire. Allow the support of Virgo to highlight where you may be overly concerned with the minor details you have observed, possibly even critical and perfectionistic, and how you bring this back into alignment with being of service and nurturing.

Virgo's desire to get things "right" and tendency to focus on the details can lead to them becoming consumed in their work. This may be their paid profession or other hobbies and interests that take importance for their quest to be of service. Either way Virgo can lose themselves and become so identified with their need to be of service and seek perfection that they can "become their work". Work with Virgo energy if you find yourself detached from the needs and perspectives of others or consumed with work or projects that you consider to hold as highly meaningful. 

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This collection is designed to be utilised in the way that best supports the user. With a blend for each of the star signs, one may choose to support themselves with their own star (sun) sign blend. They may choose to work with the blend relating to the star sign of someone else that they are either struggling with or wishing to connect more strongly with. One may be hoping to balance out or enhance certain aspects related to a particular sign or one may be working with a particular house in their natal chart and feel it supportive to work with the blend of the sign that sits on that house. It may be comforting and supportive to work with the blend that is linked to the sign that the current moon phase is in, or another planet that one is working with and feeling deeply. The possibilities are endless and we encourage you to use them however they call to you to work with them. There is extensive information and interpretations available in relation to the different signs and we would encourage you to seek out that which resonates with you. For further information on how the signs can be explored with evolutionary astrology, and therefore the approach that has been kept in mind while this range was developed, go to our website and you will find this in the astrology listings. The dates may differ ever so slightly year to year, but the following are the general dates associated with each sign. 

Ingredients: 100% organic virgin cold pressed jojoba oil, 100% essential oils of vetiver, thyme, petitgrain and ginger; crystal nectars of jade and chrysocolla; all attuned with a Mercury - 141.27hz tuning fork.