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Selena - Light the Way

Selena - Light the Way

Selena sometimes known as Selene is the Goddess of the moon. Selena was worshipped in Greek mythology for her ability to pull the moon across the sky with her chariot therefore providing a bright and guiding light in the otherwise dark sky. Within astrology her interpretation differs somewhat depending on the astrology modality being used, but in general White Moon Selena represents the point of awareness whereby one understands their role on Earth and can start on their soul’s journey. When the light has brought clarity to your pathway.

 Selena was also considered the all-seeing eye of the night as the the moon would always be visible in the night sky, carried across by Selena, and no one could run from its sight. Selena is often considered one and the same as the moon, and within Greek mythology the moon is also considered it is also a symbol of time, change, and the birth/death/rebirth cycle, reflected in how it grows large and small through the month.

 Within astrology it is also the area where has potential to light the way for others. Work with Selena's energy to embrace the sky form of the lunar goddesses, said to be able to alleviate the pain of labour and birth, whether physical or metaphysically speaking.

Selena can be called on to enhance a sense of peace, calm and acceptance and as all Gods and Goddesses connected to the night and the moon, to heighten your intuition.


Ingredients: 100% organic virgin cold pressed jojoba oil, 100% essential oils of peppermint, Himalayan cedarwood, black spruce ; crystal nectars of sodalite and apophyllite. All infused in earth medicine ritual over the full lunar cycles of dark, new and full moon and attuned with a Om - 136.10hz tuning fork