Whole - Retrieving the soul

Whole - Retrieving the soul

This blend was originally crafted for a group of practitioners that were finding that they needed some extra help staying grounded, and coming back to their centre after doing deep spiritual work with both others and themselves. Sometimes when exploring energy healing, clearing or working with deep emotions that can trigger trauma we split off from our physical bodies as a way of what we perceive as staying neutral, or simply as a way of surviving the trauma and unease that we are presented with. 


The blend incorporates different elements to gently invite your energy body to remain in or return to being fully present in your physical body. It is a sense of being grounded within ones heart space and being able to feel connected to self to explore the range of emotions that are coming up to be transformed, without the need to go into fight/flight or the perceived need to detach from the process and approach the situation from the mental plane. The essence of the magick is to bring oneself back into their heart space. To fill all the empty spaces within their heart with reverence for their experiences, while supporting one to stay present with themselves. Ultimately to be able to work through the uncomfortable shadow moments we try to just "get through", so that they feel safe to drop into that feeling space in a grounded way. It is especially potent when combined with our Grounding oil or spray to reinforce the grounded connection with earth that helps to hold the space for a grounded connection of ones energy to the physical body needed to stay present for true transformation.



Energised mineral water with essential oil dispersant (almond + coconut oil) with 100% essential oils of benzion, galbanum, manuka, peru balsam, magnolia and myrtle; crystal nectars of labradorite, lemurian quartz, moldavite, nuumite and boji stones. All infused in earth medicine ritual over the full lunar cycles of dark, new and full moon and attuned with a Om - 136.10hz tuning fork.