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Governing Vessel

Governing Vessel

Governing Vessel - Yang

Will Power - Focus - Direction - Stability

“I am in flow with my inner authority and trust in life’s processes”

The governing vessel embodies the masculine energy of “doing”. It is one of the “extra meridians” and therefore acts as a storehouse for the other Yang meridians found within the elements. When in balance one will feel a sense of stability, clear perception, and an ability to connect with their intuition, inner authority and guidance. Trusting in life’s processes one is able to maintain vitality and the ability to give and receive support with ease. As a result of in imbalance in this vessel one can feel burdened, stubborn, indifferent, fatigued, and experience a lack of willpower, over sensitivity and an inability to trust the self and others, always feeling unsupported and tending to repeat negative habits. 


100% organic virgin cold pressed jojoba oil with 100% essential oils of lemon, German chamomile, geranium; crystal nectars of jade, carnelian, amethyst all attuned with an Om - 136.10hz tuning fork.