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Planet Collection

These planet blends can be used to support the user in a multitude of ways. One may use them to support themselves with the associated energies when the planet is playing a starring role in the current astrological climate. They may bring relief while one is working through an aspect of their chart where the planet is positioned. Or one may be hoping to balance out the “low road” that the planets expression might create, or on the other hand, enhance the “high road”. My most favourite way to embrace these blends is to choose which you feel drawn to. They have been crafted in a way to help balance out any negative traits that may be associated from a metaphysical approach and from an evolutionary astrology approach. Each blend is tuned with the corresponding planetary tuning fork from Biosonics, created by Dr John Beaulieu. The information shared here is just a small snapshot of what each planet has to offer us with energies and insights. If you are interested in more information or would like to explore how these energies may be impacting you personally, contact us for an evolutionary astrology consult to explore your natal chart. 

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