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About Hannah

"my ultimate goal is to help facilitate change for others by working with them to disarm their story and eliminate their limiting belief systems that have created physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dis-stress so they can move forward in life authentically, with confidence, balance and vitality. I work as the ferry master, helping to navigate the dark places and hold space for the process"

I have spent the last decade studying, working and going within to ensure that I can draw from a vast reservoir of knowledge and skills to be able to offer each individual a specifically holistic and personal service each and every time they come to share with me. After moving through my own challenges around embracing my authentic self, supporting myself in all areas when I didn't have the traditional structures to lean on and overcoming health crisis, I have come to learn that the most important thing I can offer both through my one on one services and my products is to hold the space for those I am working with. To meet every experience with reverence and honour the role it has played. I see the work that I do as an exchange and a process of working with someone versus working on someone. I trust my clients to step into their own self responsibility within session and home support and I uphold the commitment to ensure that I am maintaining the same level of self responsibility and integrity. As you look at my photo you may think it is not one that exudes authority or confidence like you may expect. However, you can be certain that I feel deeply grounded in the connection that I feel within myself, to the earth below me and the cosmos above and this gives me great confidence in myself and in those I work with. My stillness is what allows me to hold that space for myself and others and always come from a place of non-judgement. My intellect, both mentally and emotionally, and my dedication to attaining quality education and training, is what allows me to listen to my clients and facilitate the change required for them to move through their prior obstacles and start practicing a lifestyle that is more aligned with their authentic self and their goals for health and wellness. If you allow me the opportunity, this is how I came to be given my name and how my catalyst nature works.