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Our Products

Our products are a blend of aromatherapy, vibrational medicine, a little bit of earth medicine and a whole lot of magick. What began as little girls hiding in the hedges, mixing flowers and water to make magick in film canisters has turned into a life long passion that has fuelled years of study, research, work and soul searching and resulted in a product range that truly represents everything that Hannah and Catalyst Holistic Wellness aims to bring into the world. A blend of the logical, science mind and the esoteric medicine woman. This plays out in every step of the crafting process from ingredients right down to how each item is packaged up.

Our standards around what goes into each product are very high and we choose to not use certain ingredients rather than have to sacrifice on quality. We choose to use jojoba as our carrier for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it is not truly an oil and therefore it does not become rancid like other carrier oils and this also means it washes out easily unlike fractionated coconut oil or other common carriers. It is non-allergenic, which as a sensitive person, has been important for Hannah when crafting and choosing ingredients. Lastly it is a fixative and therefore it takes on the scent of whatever it is mixed with, in the case of essential oils this means there is no interference with their therapeutic impact and the recommended therapeutic dilutions still smell divine. This lingering scent means the blends will not only work with you energetically and biochemically, but can continue to entwine with your clever, but sometimes deceptive olfactory senses for longer and bring forth the emotional shifts without any need for excessive, unsafe dilutions. 

Each product goes through a minimum of one entire lunar cycle from the dark moon, new moon, full moon and one more dark moon. During this time they move through a minimum of five rituals that stem from earth medicine practices and build the vibration of the products to ensure that all components are working together harmoniously and that the energetic imprint of each element is heightened to optimise the personal medicine they offer. These rituals include the use of different energy modalities, sound, herbs, crystals, animal medicine and are infused with the energy of many of our information chips. The products are then grouped based on their range and using further earth medicine techniques, placed in a type of altar that acts as a charging station to enhance their vibration. Once these rituals and the lunar month has completed each product goes through a final stage as it is picked and packed in preparation to meet her user.

As one of our mentors encouraged us, we go deep and narrow with our relationship with each and every product that we craft and we hope that you, too, will find such a connection with the products that sing to you. It is our pleasure to craft them and even more so to share them with you.