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Workshops + Circles

Outside of mentorship Hannah runs workshops for both practitioners and the public to learn more about themselves and how they can connect in with themselves, their needs and different tools and strategies for support. Some of the workshops that Hannah offers can be found listed below. For practitioners looking for specific training that might not be listed here, send us an email and we can inform you of any upcoming training.

Hannah has also been facilitating supportive circles to create a brave and transformative space for group work and support. These include women's circles, mother's circles, Full and New Moon circles and more intensive, topic specific, support circles.
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Family Constellations Group Workshops
In our group Family Constellation workshops there is space for 4 constellations and several representatives. For more information go to our Family Constellations listing. For enquires or to register please contact us. 

Personal Equilibrium - exploring the chakra system
This workshop gives you a background understanding of chakras, how they have been worked with over the years, their origins and how they are used now in energetic fields as well as a wide scope of information on how each one connects in with all aspects of our bodies, physical, mental, emotional and energetic and simple strategies to bring your body back into balance. To find your own equilibrium.
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Balance Your Emotions with Essential Oils
This workshop gives you a basic understanding safe use of essential oils and explores the ways in which they connect in with our emotional and energetic systems and how you can use them to support yourself.
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Know Your Chart, Know Your Unique Blueprint - an insight into your birth chart
Hannah has trained in multiple astrology methods and approaches and now primarily works with Evolutionary Astrology as it aligns beautifully with the general approach of all other modalities that she calls on.

The Know Your Chart workshops haven’t been put together for you to learn how to read a chart or practice as an astrologer. You will absolutely pick up the basics of chart reading as you learn to read your own, but the goal within this safe container is for you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself from a place of non-judgement and to integrate more from a place of acceptance as we embody each and every facet of our being. To understand our pre-dispositions, potential challenges and inner strengths in order to stay connected and in acceptance of ourselves.

The first level of these workshops will look at

  • the basics of how a chart is presented + what all the components connect to and represent
  • an overview of the 12 houses and the themes that they carry in relation to areas of your life
  • each of the signs and the flavour they bring to each house, and thus to your chart
  • Your “big three”, sun, moon and ascendant signs

This is kindergarten level astrology and yet it already provides you with a wealth of knowledge and insights that could keep you busy exploring for years.

 In the second level we will look at

  • the planets and the energy they each carry
  • the planets in different houses and signs and how this plays out for you personally

This takes a big leap from the basics of level one and brings in the important layer that shows who the characters are on our stage. We look at it in this order, because to truly understand the planets we need a solid understanding of the signs. 

Lastly, we look at the aspects between all these now that we have the solid understanding of ourselves and how it all connects.

 These workshops are usually ran in person over a 3-4 days for each level, depending on group size; however Hannah is in the process of developing an online option hopefully launched in the second half of 2022.

Clearing + Cleansing - energy clearing and protection
Our clearing and cleansing workshops run over two levels. The first level covers techniques and insights for keeping yourself and your spaces clean and clear and how to dispel stagnant or negative energies safely and cleanly. The second level is for understanding of the different Negative Energy Frequencies that can impact our spaces and selves and how to clear these out and prevent further impact. 

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Introduction to Wheels + Altars
This workshop takes us through a brief history of altars and wheels and the different elemental laws to follow to get the most out of this traditional energetic support for ourselves, families, homes and businesses.
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Rhythmic Movements Workshops - primitive reflex integration
these workshops give insights into each of the primitive reflexes relevant to the age group and rhythmic movements to help integrate these reflexes for more comfort and ease. 

ages 0-6 months
ages 6 months - 12 months
ages 12 months - 18 months
ages 2years -4 years
school aged children
1:1 adult sessions available

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