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Evolutionary Astrology

With a variety of different approaches to Astrology, Hannah has found the one that resonates with her is the world of evolutionary astrology. Unlike other approaches, evolutionary astrology is described by one of its leaders, Steven Forrest, as the astrology of free will, choice and freedom and to work with it is to understand that each person's birth chart is a map of the soul's evolution. This approach assumes that each of us is able to work with the astrological forces, not simply be directed by them. Coming from the core belief that there is a larger, transpersonal meaning to our lives, astrology can be used to help us live in harmony with that higher purpose. Thus, an evolutionary astrology reading is never "predictive" in a rigid or fatalistic sense. Insights from a session may look at the questions you will face, but will not address the answers to them as that is determined by you and how you interact with the field to create your own answers and will be shaped by your experiences and decisions. While this is a stand alone modality, having ones natal chart can be beneficial when exploring certain patterns, limiting beliefs and behaviours during a kinesiology session, especially if the client is finding themselves not able to shift through issues they feel they are truly dedicated to improving. 

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