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As a professional kinesiologist and business owner, I have been using and selling Hannah Ehrbar's Aurelia Alchemy products for over a year now and I have found them to be the cornerstone of some of the most profound health changes I have ever seen in all my years in clinic.  All her sprays, oils, and essences do indeed do exactly what they are created to do, to help both the practitioner and client support change and positive personal growth. Used separately or in conjunction with other therapies, they are easily the most reliable product I have in my healing toolbox! They have made me a far better healer for using them and this is reflected in my client numbers rising and my business thank you CATALYST! Easily the best business decision I’ve ever made.
Marisa Fraser
I originally saw Hannah as a client when I was struggling with candida. We worked through my diet issues and emotional factors that were contributing. Over the space of a year I was lucky enough to use some of her products as part of my home support, firstly her products for candida, which was what finally kicked it and then others for emotional growth. When she released them to the public I was so happy to be able explore and experiment on my own. I see them as self care special treats, but I know that the impact they have goes much deeper than that and I’m enjoying learning about that
After using various different brands of oils for years I’ve never come across anything more beautiful than these products. Even just from looking at them you can tell the love, care and craftsmanship that’s put into making them. They are absolutely gorgeous!
Lauren T.B.
I couldn't speak more highly of Hannah as a Health Care Practitioner. Every element of my life has blossomed since I began working with Hannah. From initially being in quiet a lonely, stagnant and lost time in my life, Hannah has coached me into understanding, learning and most importantly loving myself. Through family constellation sessions she helped repair the relationship with my mother, understand my female ancestry and my soul purpose and place here today. Hannah is highly knowledgeable, unprejudiced and committed to supporting her clients along their journey. He oils and sprays are an absolute godsend in providing additional support in every day life. Thank you Hannah, you are one in a million. 
Sarah E
As a client of Hannah's, I have experienced such profound changes in my health and mental state that I honestly never expected. I have suffered from anxiety and fear my whole life. To look at me no one would ever have guessed, but like many I hid behind a happy facade, assuming that I needed to learn skills to live that way...never realising that Hannah’s work would allow me the freedom to actually live my life to the fullest. My world has changed thanks to her and I truly understand what it feels like to be centred, grounded, to find my voice and actually have confidence! Words can’t express what this woman’s work as done... I’m not exaggerating when I say I think I owe her my life! I understand so much more about myself thanks to her than I ever did. Thank you Hannah, you are my angel.
M. Warrington
"In 3 sessions Hannah not only determined what was causing me pain and issues with my digestion, but removed stress from my body and developed a nutritional plan that had me completely pain free. I was so happy that I booked in immediately to resolve the rest of the issues on my list! 6 months later I felt like a new woman. Thanks Hannah, forever grateful!"
I was immediately impressed with Hannah's focus on guiding me to real results. She worked me through some deep-seated fears and anxieties (far of ageing, inner dialogue, self-worth) with great compassion and not only gave me balances to initiate change, but exercises I could work through in my own time. The kinesiology sessions were unexpectedly effective, more so than any other methods of effecting internal change I've tried, and I feel especially fortunate that I had Hannah as my kinesiologist as I found her to be extremely competent. 
Samuel B
We took our two children to see Hannah at the recommendation of a friend. Both children were having emotional outbursts at home and school and we had no idea why this was happening. Hannah was very professional and gathered a lot of information in a short time to build a picture for herself, my husband and I, and we realised there were a lot of contributing factors we hadn't considered because we just didn't know that they could be something to consider. Hannah adjusted all four of us using a chiropractic type technique and gave us some movements to use for the children to help integrate their reflexes as well as a book for us to understand why these reflexes were so important and linked to the troubling behaviour we were being faced with. We all booked in for one on one sessions so that us as parents were not being impacted by the stress of the situation and that our stress wasn't impacting the kids either. We all experienced improvements immediately, with our youngest no longer being excessively clumsy and both children sleeping through the night again and waking in much better moods. We have continued to have sessions with Hannah for maintenance even once our original reason for coming was resolved as we find her services invaluable. 
I walked into my session not knowing what to expect. I was emotionally and physically stressed and at a loss of how to do life. Hannah made me feel at ease immediately. I was really in a state of wanting emotions from people that they simply didn't have and Hannah helped me shift this need and showed me that what I was looking for was within me. We got to the cause of the issue swiftly and Hannah facilitated change for me on that table. I'm very grateful and left feeling like a weight had been lifted and far more accepting of my relationships that I had previously been very frustrated with. Thank you Hannah.  
Kelly P
I was experiencing a lot of brain fog, poor memory, loss of memory under stress and irrational or impulsive behaviours when stressed. I had large projects coming up for work as well as exams and I was finding myself disconnecting from healthy behaviours and relationships and digging myself into a hole. Hannah worked with me on clearing the fog and bringing my brain back into integration. She was so good at talking me through the work we were doing, what was happening in my brain, why the stress was shutting it down and also the belief systems that the Traditional Chinese link to the areas of stress in my systems so that I was able to reflect on the bigger picture and the emotional and mental aspects that were then impacting the functioning of my brain. I went from wanting to hide from the world, to being confronted by looking at my stuff, to absolutely loving doing the work with Hannah. I feel in control of my life, and Hannah has given me so many strategies to work with that I feel armed for any stressful situations. 
Amy G
Hannah is a magical wizard in normal womens clothing! She helped me to let go of past relationships that were holding me back, sorted out my sabotages around healthy eating and exercising and helped me to detox from 5 years of treating my body terribly. Absolutely recommend her for bringing more health and happiness into your world.
I had no idea what to expect going into my sessions with Hannah, but my friend had told me I HAD to go and I am so glad I listened. I went in thinking that so much of my stress and discomfort was just normal life and after just a couple of sessions I found myself with more energy, positivity and no longer succumbing to bad habits. My whole life sort of started over in a more productive way.
When we first took our three children to see Hannah they were all suffering with anxiety, food allergies and behavioural issues that were impacting them at school. We had seen everyone and had almost lost hope, but Hannah was patient and positive and built a strong rapport with each child so that they were comfortable to go to sessions and cooperative with homework. All three children have improved beyond our belief and we now recommend kinesiology to all our parent friends.
The Abbots
I came to see Hannah with crippling back pain and digestive issues. Hannah was thorough with her initial medical history and made some connections I had never thought of. Within the first session I had a better understanding of myself and walked out with no back or stomach pain for the first time in weeks. Hannah also gave me practices to use at work and home to manage my stress more effectively and avoid bringing that stress into other areas of my life. 
I booked in with Hannah to work on my extreme anxiety and fear. it was impacting my work environment, relationships and my self esteem. Hannah was kind and understanding and helped me to dig deep to find what the base cause of my fears were and help to resolve the inner conflict and negative self talk that was perpetuating my destructive behaviours. As a result I am a much happier person, and my relationships and career are no longer overrun with anxiety and fear. 
Hannah has a way about her and the way she works that makes me and my family feel safe and supported. We always know that there will be no judgement and while her honesty can be a bit of a surprise sometimes, she will always be doing her best to help us do our best for ourselves and our children even if it is saying the things that are hard to hear.