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As aromatherapy products become more easily available to the general public and more awareness and interest in them builds, the more benefit can come from utilising this potent magick in session. Hannah’s scientific mind and esoteric heart couldn’t feel more at home when in the realms of aromatherapy. The biochemical benefits are endless as are the emotional and spiritual. As our olfactory perception skips the “thinking” part of our brains processing and goes straight to the “reacting/feeling” parts of our brain, aromatherapy can help transcend blocks that we didn’t realise were there and help shift through and support overcoming some of our biggest obstacles. Hannah is passionate about ensuring she can offer a safe and beneficial aromatic medicine service in session and through the use of her range of products. This motivates her to continue further study in the area, currently adding to her aromatherapy knowledge with training in the Scientific French style aromatherapy. In session oils may be inhaled, applied to specific acupoints or given as home support.